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Brawls Deep Radio offers a wide variety of different genres for you to enjoy, whether your gaming of just sitting back and relaxing. If it's music we play it. So whether you're in Minecraft building or running a dungeon or raid in WOW we have you covered.

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Do you have a request? A song you haven't heard but want to hear? Just make a request in the request box and we'll make sure to incorporate it in the playlist. We offer a wide variety of genres so no genre is left out. Also feel free to join us on WOW(world of Warcraft for you non-nerds) we are located on 2 servers: Dalaran and ShadowCouncil. Brawls Deep Guild is on the Dalaran server and is an alliance only guild. ShadowCouncil guild is Three Blades Deep and is a Horde only guild. So whether you play horde or alliance we have you covered.

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